Thursday, 8 January 2015

A Grey Day .....

Wet and windy and that was just grandson's nappies, let alone the weather outside.

You look out onto a grey world in which colour struggles to make its presence felt. The dog goes into maximum cute mode to avoid a walk and the cats just do that cat thing of curling up and saying 'meh' to the world as they perambulate from food bowl to litter tray to comfy spot on the sofa.

In the meantime members of one of the biggest Abrahamic religious sects decided a simple letter of complaint will not suffice so enter a magazine worth of AK 47 rounds into an editorial suite, to make the point that they were really not amused.

A grey day made even greyer.

Over on our side of the channel, after the platitudes about the religious inspired massacre in France were dispensed, we had grey TV journalists, asking grey politicians, grey questions and getting the usual excuse: its everyone else fault, not me, response. They would have been equally eloquent representing the likes of Cameron, Miliband and Clegg replies with a picture of one of my grandson's more colourful nappies. Sadly, unlike grandson's nappies not one of those three politicians is as straight forward to dispose of, so we were left with the TV pundits trying to polish a dull pewter grey to give some sort of luster to its pitted and worn surface while throwing more royal icing over the turd that is Westminster's failed politics and establishment.

Moving north with the grey front we are left watching the twitching corpses of the Unionist 'Better Together' chums as they happily stab each other in the back for increasingly diminishing returns in Scotland - apparently in the few short weeks since the referendum they are no longer 'Better Together' as Labour now claims NHS Scotland is not safe in Westminster's hands, state pensions are going to be hacked and public sector workers are heading for P45's all courtesy of Westminster's obsession with austerity. What was that about jobs on Clydebank only being safe by being Better Together?  Further delays in placing orders, increasingly likely the RN can not afford the Type 26 frigates - how does that one work Jim Murphy?

Then there is the grey area which appears to be the Better Together mob's policy for Scotland. It is getting some what hilarious when Jim Murphy does not agree with his own Scotch Education spokesman, the equally Iain Gray, on free school meals for primary 1 to 3. His wing person and deputy dog shoots her mouth off saying she would prefer a SNP / Labour coalition after May the 7th to keep the Tories out and senior players in his own London party chop him up into little pieces over his extra nurses at London's expense gaff.

I am afraid Labour's 'Scotch' Branch get increasingly mixed up in my mind with the farce going on at Ibrox where they are back passing the hat round for funds while refusing a second take over bid which would have seen capitalisation and the avoidance of yet another dose of impending administration as they scrape together enough to pay the next couple of wage bills.

It will be interesting to see which of Ranger's or the 'Scotch' Labour Party survive much past the 7th of May 2015 - I wonder what sort of odds you could get? 

Which will fall first; Castle Greyskull or Skeletor ..... a little bit of brightness at the end of an exceedingly grey day.


  1. Thanks, your article is a good summing up of the stupidity of human beings. The murders in France incredibly sad.

    Labour, and the rest of the liars in Westmonster, really do show utter contempt toward the electorate, especially here North of the border. The catchphrase, 'better together' should be tattooed on their foreheads, they are a disgrace to us all.

  2. More and more I ask myself, who won the referendum? It's a puzzle, interesting times.