Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Je suis Jim Murphy: Non! Je suis Jim Murphy!

I have not been inspired to write for a week as when it comes to taking the piss out of Jim Murphy and 'Scotch' Labour many others are doing a far better job, to the point it is like shooting fish in a barrel.

Today's announcement from the Malcolm Tucker school of political lies and bullshit that Murphy is not a 'Unionist' tipped me over the edge. We are now well into Labour 'Through the Looking Glass' territory here, where words now are bent to mean just what ever Jim Murphy's Troika wish them to mean: 

"Will you, won't you; 
Will you, won't you 
Come and join the dance?"

Murphy's attempts to make himself look different, as 'Scotch' branch manager, to the Labour head office, to which he bends the knee, would be funny if in fact they were not so tragic. Jim can not get away with the reality his party, the one he has held a major role in influencing in its swing to the right as an arch, Blairite right winger, walked through the Westminster lobbies last night voting to support even more of the failed Tory austerity program as it was too scared of what 80,000 swing voters in the Home Counties would think, if they did not. Jim was hoping we would not notice he did not bother to turn up to this whipped Westminster vote but, Jim, we have; your card is marked, yet another example of your cowardice masquerading as expediency.

Here is a man, so wrapped up in his own myths and self delusion, the obverse side to Brown's head on 'Scotch' Labour's chocolate coin of political currency, that he really believes he and his Irn-Bru crates saved the 'Union' and therefore only he can save the people of 'Scotchland' from the stupidity of voting for anyone else but his 'Scotch' Labour branch in May 2015. These are not the actions of a sane individual who would at least accept politics in Scotland is changing, is leaving old style UK politics behind and is quite happy to break the current Westminster Parliamentary hegemony of privilege and self interest on the way. The degree of denial in every announcement from the Murphy camp fires, merely heightens the belief Labour have not just lost the plot in Scotland but are speaking to some other country. Ms Dugdale understands this when she sees no problem with some sort of an agreement between Labour and the SNP in the event of a hung parliament at Westminster. Ed Miliband, the Labour party's actual leader, has signaled the same by refusing to rule a potential agreement out, during his repetitive questioning on the issue by Andrew Marr of the BBC on Sunday. It is Murphy who is clearly isolated on this issue, as on much else.

This different Scotland is a country which is rejecting the abyss of Orwellian '1984' style politics in which the Westminster Parliament increasingly finds itself trapped by its own pursuit of hubris over substance as it spins and weaves deceit after deceit to justify its failure to protect the majority of its electorate against the venality of the minority. This is a Scotland which may have narrowly rejected independence but is looking to the near federal UK Union promised by Brown's 'Vow' where most powers will be repatriated to Holyrood and are to be delivered and quickly. The delays and failure to meet the promises made on the Smith Commission delivery time table are already cutting the fuse of Scottish rejection of the last Westminster party's 'Scotch' fiefdom, ever shorter.

Jim Murphy's image problems with the people of Scotland will not be resolved by his Spartacus style claims because folk in Scotland know just exactly who Jim Murphy is, what he stands for and wholeheartedly distrust and dislike the man. Even his own side know this and have made clear they consider Murphy's appointment as 'Scotch' branch manager as Labour's death knell in Scotland, a political form of Labour specific Ebola from which all but Murphy's inner circle are doing a runner. The drip, drip, drip of Murphy's poison is doing the work for the SNP, in the run up to May, as panic sets in amongst 'Scotch' Labour MPs whose coats are now hanging on increasingly shoogly pegs.

You can not fool all the people, all the time.

(PS: I use the term 'Scotch' as an adjective in the derogatory, diminishing and ignorant way it is used in the corridors of power at Westminster.)

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