Friday, 2 January 2015

The worm turns ... to a maggot

The British Establishment seeks to save itself in the face of a popular, democratic revolt across the UK as the SNP in Scotland and Greens (with UKIP - to a lesser extent) in England threaten to upset the British Establishment apple cart after 7th May 2015 by proposing a government of 'national unity' between the Tory and Labour Parties - according to Ian Birrell in the Gruniad

The British Establishment has 'previous' on blocking General election results it does not like, as it did in 1930 when creating a government of 'national unity' to prevent an 'untried' and dangerously 'socialist' Labour Party taking power.

This 'suggestion' yet again reveals just how out of touch Westminster and its media lackeys are with the UK electorate as along with the current unconstitutional plans for EVEL and the failure of the 'Vow' made to Scotland to deliver a 'near' federal UK, will take more than a few water canon to stop the balloon going up with riots in England's major cities.While being the one act which would most likely lead to Scotland declaring UDI, given neither of the parties in the proposed 'National Unity Government' will have much in the way of Scottish electoral support with a projected 9 MPs out of Scotland's total according to current analysis of Scottish polling intentions for Westminster.

Throw in HRH the Prince Andrew, the 'Duke of Pork', is now facing allegations of involvement in sex parties with US minors and the continuing drive to get the Dolphin Square paedophile ring, the Bryn Estyn Home Care child abuse scandal and the links to the Palace of Westminster fully investigated and you have a series of problems for which a government of 'national unity' would create a very welcome solution, especially for our self appointed elders and betters in the British Establishment.

A bit of gossip; having seen HRH Midshipman the Prince Andrew in 'action', when he was at Dartmouth during my final term, I am tempted to believe the American woman's uncorroborated claims. He was known, after all, as 'Randy Andy' for the rate he disposed of a series of young women he had pursued and presumably had his way with. There was a theory at the time, Andrew had 'By Royal Appointment' tattooed on his bell end to go with a 'Prince Albert'. You guessed; Andrew was not popular amongst his peers at BRNC Dartmouth and only avoided the Dartmouth equivalent of being 'taken behind the bike sheds for a talking to' courtesy of the Royal Protection Group officers who went every where with him. The feeling amongst his peers was such that he was not allowed to try out for his division's rugby team in case he ended up at the bottom of a 'ruck'.

Back to the point; this leaves the SNP with a huge advantage as this 'national unity' proposal makes clear there is no difference between voting Tory or Labour as they are so close in policies as to be one and the same, as Ian Birrell makes plain, making a coalition between the two relatively straight forward.

Where does this leave Murphy's claim that voting Labour in Scotland is the only way to prevent a Tory Government?

It leaves you gasping in amazement at the crass stupidity which passes for policy development within the Westminster elite and in complete wonder that any Labour SPAD was allowed to 'leak' this idea to the London media by the likes of Dougy Alexander, who is supposedly developing the Labour General Election campaign strategy.

The underlying message in all of this 'spinning' to the people of Scotland, from the British Establishment, appears to be: 

You do not count in the British Establishment scheme of things, your vote does not count, we will fix it so we will continue do what ever we want to do, we will frack you stupid, churn Syngas from your coal fields by the MegaBTU and continue to suck your economy dry, wreck your society, NHS and welfare for London's sole benefit, no matter how you vote in May - so fuck off back to Jockland!

Go on Jim Murphy, tell us how your 'Scotch' Labour Branch maggot is going to protect Scotland from this democratic abuse when your bosses in London are already making it clear they would prefer a coalition with the Tories than the SNP and / or  Greens.


  1. They treat us like sh*t* - unfortunately the NO vote was a licence to do exactly that. About 25% of people in Scotland want us to be treated like sh*t* (or aren't bothered by it) - the rest who voted NO of the 35% are subservient trash who think it's normal and better the btrds you know than maybe not doing our own thing perfectly. Well, this is but the start - WM will keep doing this till the majority of Scottish voters have just had enough then it'll be YES.

  2. As the Chinese Curse says we live in Interesting times. The Palace like the Politicians in this country are discovering how hard it is to keep the population in line. In some ways I agree with Stevie, your previous poster but I wonder if like so many big events in the world it will be a seismic shift rather than a slow movement. I have always thought that Scotland would get it's Independence because England is fed up with us. I think this may happen sooner than later. So we just have to keep making a nuisance of ourselves.