Wednesday, 28 January 2015

The Wheels on the Bus ...

I can not be alone in noting how the British Establishment continues to seek to put a lid back on the tin marked 'Palace of Westminster Paedophile Ring' cover up.

Mr Brittan, I can not dignify him with his assumed title, is not yet in the ground and already the wheels are turning as in, "The need to respect the dead person's family", to deflect attention from his role in the initial cover up, in the 1980's when he was Home Secretary. All this before the allegations now surfacing that he was a big player in the Palace of Westminster paedophile ring himself, from people claiming to have been abused by 'Uncle Leon', are addressed. The British Establishment is putting pressure on journalists to 'back off' on this subject but it is a subject for many that the lid can not be made to go back on, so corrupted is the tin lip, so concreted with the dried up leavings of one too many reports into paedophile activity amongst senior members of the British Establishment; the lid simply sits, as on an old paint tin, wobbly and incompetent, never to be forced back on no matter how hard anyone tries, as the stink of decay and lies continue to permeate the noses of ordinary people. This is not the first time justice and the British people have been blinded by the British Establishment, for its own ends, nor will it be the last.

In 1923 the same British Establishment had a problem. Prince Edward's kept woman, from his war time experiences in Paris, and a well known gold digger of the Parisian 'demi-mondaine', courtesan's to you and me, had cold bloodily shot dead her rather wealthy, recently wed Egyptian husband in Selfridge's Hotel. To the police and prosecution it was a clear cut case, a capital crime, the lady was for the noose. It turned out that Prince Edward, during the war time dalliance, had written her a large number of rather explicit letters concerning his sexual preferences which the lady had kept for a 'rainy day'. It became clear that she would be forced to use them, in her defence, if there were any references by the prosecution to her 'activities' prior to her current marriage. 'Activities' a modern QC, who looks at old cases, is certain would have sent the lady concerned to the gallows.

The judge hearing the case stated no information about the lady could be declared to the jury which was referring to her life prior to her marriage to the Egyptian gentleman. At a stroke undermining the prosecution case while the defence counsel was able to play on the gentleman's witnessed physical abuse of his wife, his violent temper tantrums and allege homo-sexual activities between the gentleman and his male secretary. In the meantime the Prince's letters were returned to the palace via an intermediary and the lady acquitted of a crime she would otherwise of hung for, if the jury had been given access to the full facts and circumstances.

We are seeing the same game being played out yet again. Two suppliers of children to Dolphin Square and Elm Street Guest House have recently been jailed, not for their role in procuring children for others to abuse but on their own counts of child abuse. It does not take much thought to assume some sort of deal has been agreed for their continued silence whilst 'justice' has been seen to be done. If John Allen and John Cown then happen to be stabbed to death by some of their fellow inmates, who will weep for them as they are child abusers?

The crux of the matter remains the detailed dossier on the 'Palace of Westminster Ring' handed to Brittan by Geoffrey Dickenson MP disappeared without trace and in 1985, it is now believed, Willie McCrae was killed because he was about to expose the Scottish end of the 'Palace of Westminster Ring', the so called 'Untouchables'. A group which is alleged to have included Maggie's favourite 'Scotchman' and clown prince at the Scottish Office, Nicholas Fairbairn. These two apparently, at the time, unconnected events both happened on Leon Brittan's watch as Home Secretary.

The Jillings Report on the North Wales events remains unpublished, except in a heavily redacted form, the illegal and obnoxious activities of the British Establishment's best 'fixer' Jimmy Saville and his friends in North Yorkshire continue to rise to the surface like so many unwanted turds, leaving Yorkshire's police forces previous blind eye approach to Cyril Smith, Saville and their pals in the local councils rather exposed to ridicule, if not the serious question of just why did they not act and in the light of the recent case in Rotherham, just who are they seeking to protect? As it does not seem to be the public nor vulnerable young people.

In the case of the likes of a Leon Brittan it is important to speak ill of the dead because it is only by doing so we will expose the lies of the living and the continuing base cover up of child abuse at the heart of the British Establishment and State.

It is time the wheels on this particular cover up bus were stopped going round and round.

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