Thursday, 21 January 2016

MI5 are after me ....

A short note .... has anyone else spotted how MSPs and MPS have suddenly woken up to the danger of nuclear weapon road trips through Scotland after my recent cogitations on a terrorist attack on the nuclear convoy to Coulport.

Leaves me wondering how many politicians now following my blog ...... just saying ..... now Daeshing off before MI5 come knocking ... more crystal ball readings over the next few days ...... 😇


  1. Which flavour of cake would you like the file in? Do my best to ensure you get it, may even have to bring it in myself on incarceration.

  2. I suspect many if us are being watched. If the tories can get away with calling J. Corbyn a 'threat to national security' for expressing some reservations on the unionist parties renewing trident, (the vote will go through) which is dangerous and sinister speak, what on earth else can they get away with? If voted out of the EU, no human rights and dare to even think it, a unionist majority in Holyrood life will not be worth kiving in UKok, in especially in Scotland.

    What I don't get is how the folks working for the government spying and nosing into peoples' rubbish bags, think that they are any more protected from infringement of their liberties than anyone else! Not to mention the fact it's also their kids, and grandkids who will have the dreadful job of dealing with the fall out from nuclear power waste, and from the destruction, however caused, from nuke subs etc. Anyone would think they all had a planet B! Still looking for one it seems.

  3. meant living, not kiving whatever that means.