Friday, 5 December 2014

A BBC Survey asks ......

"It is no longer a public broadcaster in any shape or form and is solely a British State Broadcaster pushing Westminster propaganda at every turn.

The recent hyping of Farage of UKIP, the non stop pronouncements of UKIPs 'Scotch MEP' who lives in London and now the equally odious Jim Murphy of 'Scotch' Labour coupled with the nonsense seeking to exclude the SNP from the May General Election debates, even though they are the dominant party in Scotland, with the third largest membership across the UK, are currently on track to reduce Labour to a rump in Scotland in May 2015 and potentially will be holding the balance of power at Westminster in May 2015; can only be the actions of a 'State Broadcaster'. Yet Farage is to be allowed to strut his fascist lies on behalf of UKIP while the English Greens will not get an opportunity either.

The role of BBC Scotland in the 'Smith Report' burning incident, a public protest of not just what the four SNP councilors think of the Smith Commission and its report but a sizable majority of Yes and even No voters think  - yet all that was heard was the irate screeching of a 'Labour spokesperson' who (like the BBC) was strangely silent on condemning the burning of an effigy of the First Minister or when Mr Campbell of the BBC tore up a copy of the SNP independence manifesto live on air (a feat which Mr Ian Gray of Labour also did on air without BBC Scotland condemnation), then there are the constant attempts to tar the SNP as Nazi's by 'Scotch' Labour directly and BBC Scotland by their quiescence on the matter. There is a lot to dislike about the BBC Scotland news coverage, its complete lack of political balance, its unmistakeable obsequiousness to all things London metro-centric combined with its non-stop diet of Murderrr and the Old Firm. In fact BBC Scotland News can be described as the television version of the Daily Record and, like the Record, is seeing its once dominating position in Scotland news and current affairs in rapid decline."

I do not think they will be contacting me for my more detailed views - do you?

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