Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Ebola Nurse gets the best treatment possible.

The Record, Twitter and social media are reverberating with hysterical anger at some third rate English 'celebrity' who has fewer brains cells than Spike Milligan's 'Famous Eccles' the original mono-synaptic man and as much cunning as 'Blune Bottle', Eccles partner in failure upon failure - ' AeeeeH! They deaded me again, Eccles, the rotten swines'.

What is the real story here because it is not the third rate celebrity with her fourth rate tweet and Eccles like brain?

The real story is a nurse, based in Scotland, who volunteered, knowing the potential risk, to help out in an area ravaged by this loathsome blood borne virus has sadly contracted the disease herself. Meanwhile all the 'celebrity' has caught is a dose of verbal diarrhea brought on by acute foot in mouth disease.

NHS Scotland is to be commended because on realising the nurse's presenting symptoms they immediately ensured that the nurse was transferred to the UK Hospital with a world wide reputation for dealing with tropical diseases - The London School of Tropical Medicine. In doing so NHS Scotland ensured a patient in their care, with suspected Ebola, received the best possible care to survive this horrendous disease.

The London School of Tropical Medicine will be fully reimbursed by NHS Scotland for the costs of this nurse's care. Sadly the vast majority of the lame, hostile and ignorant who inhabit social media will never understand this because to do so undermines at a stroke their self promoting, shit stirring, small minded and divisive purpose in the promotion of their own name.

Equally sad is the number of folk who have let this 'celebrity' and her ignorant post get their dander up when there are more important things we need to be thinking about rather than this woman's 'Bratish Empirical' opinions. Engaging in reducing homelessness, poverty, evictions, job losses, DWP sanctions along with other evils eating our society in Scotland, we can change for the better, will last longer and do more benefit than chasing after this potty mouthed, minor 'celebrity'.

Anger is always destructive, closes down the ability to think clearly and is energy sapping.

Let us save our energies to ensure we get as many SNP / pro-independence MPs elected as is humanly possible from Scotland in May 2015 after which 'potty mouth' and her like can look to themselves as their bratish, British Empire falls around their ears.

Let us hope the treatment being offered this brave nurse, for her condition, is effective and she is soon back to her best courtesy of NHS Scotland and the London School of Tropical Medicine.


  1. At last sanity, well said sir. AYE

  2. The least said about that MINOR celebrity the better. I can only say of the two people here our Nurse among many others has shown humanity, the other has not.