Sunday, 28 December 2014

The English charging to our rescue ....

There is a fairy story in the Daily Telegraph which, with out any doubt, must go down as the most bizarre and ignorant article about the political and societal situation in Scotland ever concocted. Apparently the appeal has gone out from the British Establishment that the English have to reach out and save Scotland from herself.

It seems we have set ourselves on the road to nihilism by backing the SNP is such huge numbers, our rejection of the Palace of Westminster's benevolent austerity package are apparently the actions of lunatics. We have to be taught the error of our ways, be forced to return to our mud huts and porridge before we take up our claymores from our turf and heather roofs, throw off our plaid mhor and enter into rebellion against our queen. OK, I made that last bit up but, seriously, if you read the original article you can sense such madness in its undertow. The fear is the Jacobites are once more on the road to Derby to wrest power from the British Establishment, except for Jacobites - read SNP.

On Boxing Day I highlighted just how political Elizabeth the Queen of Scots has become in spite of the requirement of the 1689 Claim of Right that to keep the Scottish crown she must heed her people's wishes by not interfering in the politics of Scotland and must do the people of Scotland's bidding.

At the end of November I asked how can we continue to support a British Establishment so riven with both fiscal and sexual corruption and in December I reflected on the continuing failure of the British Establishment's self seeking austerity plan, amongst its other failed political policies, as its attempts to cover up the growing disaster it is leading the UK towards, crumble into dust.

This brings us back to the chest beating cry from the Telegraph, seeking to rally the English right to protect its own self assumed birth right to get rich at everyone else expense. Protectionism of the City of London's perverse venality is essential in their little world, as is the need to keep as many people as ignorant as possible of the massive debt bubble the 'City' is sitting on. Brown and Darling did not 'save the world' in 2008, they merely put a highly expensive QE butt plug up the backside of the casino financiers in London to reduce the flow. A butt plug which is now starting to leak heavily, the mire encroaching around Westminster's feet, the corrupt stench leaching out to all parts of the UK. The reality is the UK is worse off now than it was in the aftermath of 2008 fiscal collapse - all courtesy of the Palace of Westminster and a political system interested in looking good without engaging substance or attempting to understand the lot of an increasing chunk of its electorate. A British Establishment which seeks to create political dynasties to serve its own narrow purpose, inward looking, self important and self serving - protection of its own hegemony at all costs.

Into this comfortable mix the Scots are threatening to throw in a massive hand grenade in the form of a large SNP block of Westminster MPs, the biggest threat to the British Establishment's comfortable arrangements since Charles Stuart dithered in Derby. We can expect more of this verbal diarrhea in the months to come from the 'British' media as the evidence of Scottish dissension towards the British Establishment continues to grow and Murphy's attempts to save Labour's 'Scotch' Region fall on even stonier ground as his ability to antagonise folk, without any real effort on his part, becomes more apparent to his Establishment bosses in the Palace of Westminster. No wonder Dougy Alexander is in a 'huff' with Ed Moribund he sees a shellacking coming, courtesy of Murphy, which could see him being awarded with a P45 come May 2015.

The Scots are too wee, too stupid and too poor meme and need to be 'saved' from themselves by the benevolence of the 'English', continues to be played as the British Establishment's trump card - even though it is becoming increasingly curled, frayed and worn at the edges. The word on the streets of Scotland is increasingly if you want the 'Vow' delivered in full, you need to vote SNP.

The Scottish experience of the SNP is; they do what they say they will on the tin. A level of trust not enjoyed by the British Establishment in any of its manifestations. A reality shown in the latest opinion poll as 60% of the Scots electorate make clear they believe sending a large number of SNP MPs is the best way to ensure the 'Vow' happens.

This time the Scottish electorate only has itself to blame, if it dithers in May 2015, to send Westminster the message - time for a new UK Union of federated nations in the British Isles because the present set up is knackered, by sending 30+ SNP MPs to Westminster.


  1. We need to knock doors: the Brit media will go all out for a Labour love in up in Scotland - the SNP lead will be diminished and our best hope should be a majority of seats (but who knows?). Our narrative is simple; ensure the Vow is delivered but the Rts will say it has been delivered and a supine media will sing the same song. Door steps.

  2. Having been subjected to the English at their best and having been on the comments pages of the Torygraph in the past nothing that is said on those very grubby pages ever surprises me. I said during the Referendum that there is not a chance of the Establishment giving Scotland any more powers, their electorate in England would not stand for it. I doubt one person who voted no ever strayed onto the pages of the Telegraph and if they did decided that these self same people were only abusing the NATS. Well sorry folks they were abusing you as well.
    Steve, I am very willing to hand out leaflets, how many will actually be read and understood, as I tend to toss my opponents into the bin after a quick scan, surely many go the same way. I see independence being gained in one of two ways, we go the slow road with the young being our greatest asset, or the English getting fed up and telling us to go. Personally I will take it any way. just make it sooner than later, I have watched too many die before they got the satisfaction of an Independent Scotland.

  3. We need to campaign for the end of the block "grant" from London.
    This is the only way that Scotland will get what it needs.

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  5. Great article, not much to add the comments above all pretty accurate. It might be a very uphill battle, and battle it will be. In my experience, no voters either knew the facts via the wee blue book, business for Scotland etc, but decided they were, better together, or as I encountered on doorsteps, they voted no having been completely taken in by the msm, as they were older non internet users, either way getting the actual facts into peoples' heads, and away from bbc inane programmes and mythological daily stories in the daily rags, is a quandary I havent yet worked out. One friend voted no as her and very well off partner thought they should, "give the uk another chance"! God give me strength. Many who were enlightened and motivated during the referendum will not go back to zombie politics, it'll be interesting, the biggest threat are the rich donors who will be willing to give as much as poss to thrwart, or rather try to, destroy the SNP. Gloves on everyone...or is that gloves off?

  6. Think you should perhaps add Parnell and the Irish Party in between 1745 and today in threats to the view in The Enchanted Glass

    And maybe the biggest threat to that mythical land is the financial one you identify. Empires tend to collapse from within, as a rotten tree hollows.

    The process of empire collapse has fits, starts and reverses - but it is probably inevitable and irreversible. I just hope we get out before it gets too nasty

  7. I haven't been able to get my head around what happens if the London establishment keeps it's part of the "VOW" and agrees that the Scottish parliament derives it's sovereignty solely from the people of Scotland.
    Where does that leave us with repect to the London parliament which derives it's sovereignty from the monarch and claims absolute power to itself in all matters,including dissolving the Scottish parliament should it so choose.
    Of course,they may agree that the Scottish parliament is permanent but only as long as they say so.
    Either way,a major pickle for London to resolve.