Tuesday, 9 December 2014

The Way the Wind Blows

The sky is a dreich gray, the windows besmattered with rain as the wind from the 'weather bomb' whistles around the house, hardly broken at all by the leafless trees which guard the property to the west as they revolve, twist and shake in the gusts. The noise can not be described as a whistle or a howl nor a moan - the best I can come up with is the sound of a 64 foot organ pipe, just before the note rings clear. You sort of feel it rather than hear it. The dog chain taps at the back door while the dog has buried himself into the sofa cushions looking the other way in an attempt to shield his eyes from the glowering skies he must take on for his afternoon walk. The cat, as is the way of cats, is curled up against the dog, head under its left oxter to keep the noise from disturbing its wary sleep.

The dog chain taps against the door, I sip lukewarm tea, huddled over the key board and with nothing better to do than think about the year just past, the words and ideas which have been given life on my blog, wondering just what have I done to change a society for the better, a society which
is rapidly fragmenting into the 'haves' and 'have nots.

The sense of lost opportunity looms large. The misguided hope from still too many of the Scots electorate that this time Westminster would keep its promises towards 'Fiscal Autonomy' if we scared them enough. The lack of self confidence from some who still believe only Westminster can save Scotland from itself, "Its aye been that way". The hard core Unionists whose hatred of the SNP blinded their eyes to the opportunity they were turning their back on with independence and the vested interests who foresaw their vice like grip on Scotland slipping once and for all.

I am not going to list the rapid unraveling of  the 'if we scare them enough camp's' presumptions, more analytical minds than mine have done this already, nor the weakness of the 'Its aye been' case as both of those groups appear to be waking up to the fallacy of their position if the current opinion poll swing towards the SNP, in the run up to the New Year, is anything to go by. Their sense of self betrayal, of being 'let down', of being 'lied to' once too often, will turn them ever more towards the 'Yes' camp, in their own time, as long as we give them space and do not harry them. The deathly reality of the status quo and the antics of the Liblabcon merchants in the Palace of Westminster will see to that; with their slapstick Prime Minister's Questions Muppet Show and failure to engage on issues ordinary Scots actually care about.

There is something inordinately sick about a UK Government and Westminster political system whose uncivil servants send a dying man, a DWP letter stating they expect him to find work when he gets better. It is worse when you know the man in question is a Falkland's War veteran and amputee who saw front line action on behalf of 'Iron Maggie', political hero ('hero' is what I meant to write) of Cameroon and Moribund; a man who is expected to die from cancer within three months. Just where is the protest from the Libdems Mike Hancock CBE MP for Portsmouth and Southsea over his constituents treatment? Wait he is in 'purdah' after admitting sexual harassment of a single mother with mental health issues and resigning from the Libdem Party in September 2014 - just another fiddler using his position to extract favours from taxpayer and constituents alike.

The haters are still hating. It is all they have left. Devoid as they are of integrity, empathy or compassion. Blaming those who they have reduced to poverty for being poor and dependent. Haters who look to their own advantage well before any benefit to their constituents. Self centred, monstrous and increasingly scared as they see their 'Scotch' hegemony is increasingly on a shoogly peg. Their campaign increasingly strident and disorientated while the parties of 'Better Together' continue to meld into one party, as described by the Reverend Stu over on Wings over Scotland

For 'Scotch' Labour the end is nigh as the Catholic Church in Scotland, once its greatest supporter and sustainer, holds their feet to the fire over increasing fuel poverty, homelessness and food banks in Scotland's cities and the negative and destructive impact on children, families and the elderly while pointing the finger directly at Westminster: do not pass go, do not blame the Scottish Government, this is all you and Westminster's doing, Mr Murphy: is its message. The haters in the Orange Order froth at the mouth about 'papists speaking out of turn' in a grisly attempt to hide their own emptiness and soullessness. This is not 'papists' speaking, all you 'haters' of the SNP, and no matter how your tame media will try to spin it, what you are hearing is the voice of 'Civic Scotland', the people of Scotland, the 70% of Scots who show degrees of compassion, empathy and care towards all their fellow Scots, unknown in the Better Together camp, especially towards those who are only now in financial trouble because of the misguided and inhumane Westminster Government Welfare Policy which Labour fully supports.

To all you 'SNP haters' out there, a bit of advice, look to the way the wind is blowing in Scotland and understand the risks you face by resisting its force, as on current forecasting you are about to be in the face of a political weather bomb yourselves and all that will mean to Mr Murphy's Strawman.

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