Thursday, 4 December 2014

Palpable Anger

I was doing my morning browse of the media and news and had to stop.

The MSM articles were by and large platitudinous and subservient to the 'greater good' of the British Establishment and empty of any acceptance they were in fact promoting an economic policy for the UK which would reduce the country to 1930's levels of poverty and ill health.

The comments, where comments were allowed, were full of anger and increasing frustration against a British Establishment elite completely out of touch with the UK electorate in speech and deeds. The opinion polls which have Labour and the Conswervatives 'neck and neck' on 30% vote share, pass without any real comment, no reflection what the polls are actually telling the British Establishment and their tame politicians. The real message is both sets of red and blue Tories are next to useless and not deserving of any support. The electoral reality is both parties are now bumping along on their core vote, much as the UK economy is bumping along the bottom because it can not be run down any lower. Meanwhile 40% of the UK want neither of these bunch of clowns in charge, yet one or other of these political fossils will end up forming a UK Government in spite of 70% of the electorate rejecting them. This is not democracy in any shape or form because the government does not represent the democratic wishes of the majority of the UK Electorate. For all Enoch Powell's faults he was absolutely correct in his assertion that there was no such beast as a 'parliamentary democracy' in the UK at best the process was one of an 'elected dictatorship'; such are the untrammeled and unaccountable powers left in the hands of the UK Government cabinet and the unrestricted executive powers of its prime minister.

As for people posting on 'Yes Alliance' type threads - the bile, anger and hatred leaped out of the screen with a hand of steel, crushing my hope that the so far non-violent movement for Scottish independence is sustainable. People who voted 'yes' have had enough being treated as SNP lackeys and bad losers to the British Establishment's great  September victory in the usual media offerings. Watching the BBC Scotland histrionics over SNP councilors protesting the failure of the Smith Commission by burning the report and their tame Labour mouth pieces churning their usual sanctimonious bile could become a Rubicon, the point where the British Establishment's need to humiliate Scots, to seek to force us back to forelock touching banality toward Westminster, finally pushed folk over the edge. The point has been reached where it is clear any peaceful public protest of the British Establishment's crass attempts at politicking is now going to be attacked at every turn, demonised and rubbished - this attack is going to be lead by the 'State Broadcaster' in Scotland, the BBC.

Burning an effigy of Alex Salmond is just a bit of 'fun'. The ripping up of the SNP manifesto by BBC Scotland presenter, Mr Campbell, live on air is 'an act of public comment'. The open racism against elected Scottish MP's in the House of Parliament to the point where current Tory ministers have refused to answer simply because it is a Scottish MP asking the question, the denial of their right to a respectful hearing in said Parliament, the misogynistic abuse by the chair of the 'Scotch' Committee, Mr Davidson, of a female elected member is all 'part and parcel' of the 'rough and tumble' of the UK Parliament at Westminster.

Yet burning the meaningless, empty, useless and never to be implemented Smith Commission Report is some heinous sin. In the meantime the Tories and their allies on the Labour benches are selling off the UK's public services on the cheap to their pals in big business and accepting lucrative directorships and consultancy payments from the self same purchasing companies as they do. Over 90,000 UK children will be homeless this Christmas. People who are disabled are dying as a result of DWP sanctions, the old are dying as they choose between heat or food and the use of food banks is rising exponentially.

BBC Scotland thinks four silly SNP councilors, burning a piece of paper, they openly and honestly disagree with is the most important story in Scotland while ordinary Scottish people are starving, freezing and dying across Scotland, outside of their well stocked canteen, rain and wind proofed and air conditioned Pacific Quay HQ.

I am very worried the British Establishment has badly misread the situation in Scotland or, worse, is deliberately trying to create a political environment where rioting becomes the norm in Scotland's cities against Westminster rule to justify heavy handed use of police and troops in Scotland for the 'greater good'.

In the meantime the small fry related to the paedophile circles in the Palace of Westminster are being jailed left, right and centre for their own transgressions while the alleged politicians and British Establishment figures they procured young boys for, walk free.

There is something very sick at the heart of the British Establishment and its mock Parliament at Westminster. I request we do not get angry - we get even by clearing out Labour, the Libdems and the Tories from Scotland in May by democratic means. If that means for some on the left in Scotland they need to hold their nose and vote SNP then you need to do it. Anything else except a majority SNP MP return will just see further humiliation, heaped on Scotland after May 2015 by the British Establishment.


  1. This is my fear also. Historically it has always been the people of our large neighbour who have taken to the streets. Scots are too cowed and deferential.

    We NEED to get exactly what you suggest in your final paragraph because this is a race against time. And increasingly it is a struggle for the very existence of Scotland as a distinct polity

  2. Very many angry people here in Scotland, presently the anger is being channelled by all the pro independence parties. I fear that if as I believe the Establishment, and by that I mean not only the Unionist Parties but those we never see or hear from but do exist, do as you say, rub Scotland's nose in it, and do exactly as they did in the Referendum,try to destroy the democratic processes or at the very least cheat again. Then I think we may get violence. We have managed not to indulge in this but Westminster always sits on the escape valve, they have done so every where.

  3. I fear that anger is unavoidable in the current situation, and fully justified. The best option was an amicable parting of the ways, and a friendly re-negotiation of the relationship between Scotland and the rest of the UK. The Unionists have blocked that, and see no need to respect the desire of the majority of people in Scotland for much greater autonomy.

    The Irish, and various other nations, had to resort to violence to escape from the clutches of Westminster. Are they really trying to put Scotland in the same situation? I would not put it past them; there seems to be a nasty authoritarian streak in many Westminster politicians.