Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Palace of Vulgarity's - its panto season

It was pantomime day at the Palace of Vulgarity's (Westminster) and all the usual characters were there, along with the standard thread bare plot and the baying masses of Westminster's finest shouting 'he's behind you' and 'Oh no he isn't / Oh yes he is' while laughing and baying at 'jokes' even the Christmas cracker companies had rejected.

'Funny hands!' shouted one of the unfunny, funny men, 'I'm moving into your house in May, I'll tell you then!' said his slap-stick feed while both were running a poor, second rate imitation of the Chuckle Brother's ancient 'too me - too you' gag. Oh how the audience bayed with laughter and hubris.

We have another five months of the Westminster playground gangs of neds, shouting insults at each other about who is the electorate's pet (Farage), has got the worst acne (Clegg) and can pee highest against the Westminster bog wall (Theresa May) before we find out who has won the UK's General Election Game - Top Trumps. As an aside: Danny 'Beaker' Alexander GE Top Trump cards have been assigned a value of zero across all categories - to reflect his political future. New 'Skeletor' Murphy cards are being produced to reflect his elevation to the leadership of Labour's 'Scotch' branch (more of a twig actually).

All this is happening while the UK is collapsing around their ears and the electorate do not care anymore because all the main Westminster gangs are as bad and as pathologically right wing as each other.

Behind the Westminster bike sheds, the much despised and denigrated Greens, Jocks, Welsh and Irish are talking to each other about standing up to this Westminster ned bullying on a 'speak affirmatively but kick them hard in the nuts at every turn' platform.

The 'other place' simply goes on and on and on, like the Workhouse Board in Oliver Twist sipping the best of vintage champagnes, as if nothing has changed - just like a tramp's 12 year old underwear and equally appealing.

Meanwhile the 'Burlington Berties'  of the London media continue to parade up and down the Strand in an attempt to deflect attention from what is claimed to be one of the world's biggest economies which has some of the worst homelessness and poverty in the developed world, average real wage value decline of 10% (in real terms) in the last five years and a gap between rich and poor now second only to the USA. Then there are the troubles afflicting NHS England in the run up to its sell off to the private sector - not the least the electorate are against it - to be hidden behind the usual round of  'man bites dog, murderrrrr and fitba' diet with regular articles of sightings of the Scottish Yeti, Banffpotamus Salmondii, and how it is important to keep young folk away from him in case he inspires them to question just why the UK electorate appear to be such a collection of dunderheids and sheeple. The reported Palace of Westminster paedophile ring is less of a risk to kiddies than 
Banffpotamus Salmondii - according to the increasingly hysterical London media warnings - even though the Scottish Yeti has never been known to sexually abuse or murder any youngsters or has, yet, shifted its habitat south of Coldstream.

Throw in £1.7 trillion of UK Government (and still growing) debt, collapsing UK tax revenues, worsening trade deficit, weakening Sterling foreign exchange earnings and the reality after the tens of billions of pounds of QE were thrown at the London banking system, we have a fiscal system in the City of London which is no more safe or secure than they were at the end of 2008, and then you ask yourself why are the Westminster neds only talking about EVEL, immigrants, Banffpotamus Salmondii and the best way of eating bacon sandwiches?

This is what masquerades as democratic debate in the UK Union  today ...... 

Bah! Humbug! I say.

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