Friday, 24 October 2014

A Northern Ireland Holiday ...

Holiday ....... well 'holiday' if you call repairing fences, wallpapering the hall, stair, landing and sorting the daughter and her man's garden in return for a serious dose of cuddles from my one month old grandson, a holiday.

So here I am having a few minutes to myself catching up on E-mails, a quick skim through face book and a cup of tea and I caught myself thinking that's over seventy two hours and I never thought of Scotland and what is going on once.

To that extent I consider myself as having a 'holiday'.

So what did I find out on my 'catch up'?

  • That Wee Eck is still the shrewdest and most able politician around in the UK as he lead the Dimblebum round and round his radical rock until he was exactly where Wee Eck wanted him.
  • That the UK Political scene and media clearly has not a 'Scoobie Doo' about what is actually going on in Scotland.
  • That more and more Yes supporters are understanding we lost the battle but are still winning the war and letting go their sense of anger and loss
  • That even if all the unionist parties' electorate had voted together in the Oban Council bye-election the SNP candidate would still have won
  • That Westminster is now running very scared as the English centre left are starting to get vocal and not leaving the protesting to the usual 'mad socialists' in England
  • That every time Ed Moribund or Dave Camamoron or the blood sucking Clegg open their mouths they are just one voice, saying the same thing; differently
  • That by 2020 (at the latest) Scotland will be independent as Westminster continues to implode at an ever increasing rate of knots
To that extent, if nothing else, this holiday is doing me the power of good and I am going to go back to not to thinking about Scotland until next Wednesday after I have heard Nicola on Tuesday night in Dumfries.

Then I will be back to thinking and analysing about the lies were are being fed and how best to reach the common purpose of ending this perfidious Union of un-equals.

PS: Novel writing going well but it is on holiday as well ....

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