Thursday, 30 October 2014

Scotched Earth Labour ...

In Scotland, just who has Miliband to take charge?


Not at all popular outside his own Blairite Labour circle in Scotland - Brown, Darling and Unite supporters will make his life hell as they see him as a back stabber, Falkirk remains an open sore while Lamont is just the latest of a long line of his victims in Scotland. Murphy will struggle to carry the STUC electoral college vote and has made enough enemies amongst MPs and MSPs to make even their support iffy.

Murphy's choice is Sarah Boyak, one of his proteges - who has taken a beating in most exchanges with her SNP counterparts at Holyrood and will struggle against Nicola Sturgeon if supplied with more of the wooden FMQ scripts Lamont was doled out with.

Neil Findlay is the other side of the Scotch Labour's divide stalking horse who makes Lamont's recent activities in Scotland look hyperactive in comparison. How far into the ' Scotch Leadership Campaign' before a 'senior Labour source' starts briefing against him or his previously pristine character is assassinated by his personal problems being aired in the Record.

So where does that leave Miliband in Scotland - reliant on Murphy as he is?

Boyak will not be able to lead a Scotch Region where it is known she will be Murphy's stool pigeon with Anas Sawar as Murphy's chief puppeteer. Findlay's life will be made hell by Murphy and his Blairite Scotch MPs and Lords as McCluskey of Unite will be seen as his patron. The problem at the heart of Labor's Scotch Region remains - a McLeish or a Chisholm could mend some fences but that would require Murphy to give up control. Murphy is not going to give up as Miliband's 'fixer' in Scotland, the leverage that gives him over Miliband and anyway Murphy hates McLeish and Chisholm (you can add in Brown and Darling to Murphy's hate list as well).

Labour's Scotch problem is not just increased disillusionment across the rest of Scotland's electorate with Labour but the increasing vote leakage of 40%+ in the heartland's of its West of Scotland Mafia, a grouping Murphy is reliant on to do his bidding and control of his Scotch region.

Short of shutting down the Scotch Region - Labour is in trouble with any of the fixes it is currently seeking to use to shore up its Scotch Region.

The Scots electorate have a good idea what they want and London Labour is just not it.

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