Friday, 31 October 2014

Murphy - Labour's Knight in Shining Armour

Please, stop, Gruniad, please .... my sides are killing me -

Murphy as saviour of the Union is up there with Brown's claims of saving the world from his own inept meddling over HBOS in 2008 which triggered the banking crash in the first place.

Murphy's Irnbru crate tour was only noticeable for the indifference with which it was mainly met by the Scottish electorate dusted with the anger of ex-Labour supporters who felt betrayed, after all it was an ex-Labour Constituency Officer who egged Murphy in Kirkcaldy.

'<i>There's something about him people like..</i>'  that had tears rolling down my cheeks all on its own. Murphy is roundly detested by a large section of the Scotch Region's MPs, MSPs, Councillors and constituency members; loath does not begin to cover what those outside the Scotch Region Murphy clique think of him. Darling and Brown actively avoid being in the same room as Murphy for a start.

There is something exceedingly desperate in the Gruniad's attempt to make Murphy palatable to the Scotch electorate, missing that to Scots outside of Labour he is known as 'Skeletor' and much ruder names.

We know all about his disastrous time as NUS leader and look at the size of his Westminster expense claims with incredibility, his political back stabbing is widely renowned with amongst his better known victims Wendy Alexander, Dennis Cavanan, Henry McLeish and the latest being Ms Lamont.

Then there is his disastrous involvement in the West Falkirk constituency vote rigging scandal which was less about which candidate was best and more about chasing Unite and McCluskey's tanks off of what he sees as 'his' lawn. The fact the West Falkirk candidacy mess nearly closed Grangemouth refinery and the loss of 10,000 jobs does little to enhance Murphy's political credence in Scotland.

To those inside the M25 orbital Murphy may seem a good bet to revive Labour's Scotch region's fortunes to the SNP he looks like an early Christmas gift for their election hopes in May 2015.

This article is redolent of April the 1st rather than Samamhain.

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