Thursday, 2 October 2014

Breaking Purdha ..

Anyone else think the staging of the Tory Party Conference had chilling similarities to the 1934 Nuremberg Rally?

Compare the list of policies the Tories are proposing with the 1934 Nuremberg Laws.

Be scared; be very scared, as this bunch of nutters with their UKIP lunatic fringe could well be foisted on Scotland by an English electorate so scared of their own shadows they can only see the need for the smack of firm (read: extreme, right wing) Government as the solution to all their ills and only have a choice between the four Tory Parties - red, yellow, blue and purple.

'English votes for English Bills' is just the thin end of the English right wing 'Ubermensch' wedge, turning their view of everyone who is not 'English' (white, rich and one of us) are second class citizens of the UK, into fact.

I would like to thank all those who voted No out of ignorance, short term self interest or fear for putting Scotland in this position, you could well be on track to get exactly what you did not wish for, far quicker than you would ever wish for it.

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