Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Liberal Democrats - who do they think they are fooling?

Please check: the last time I looked Scotland is predominately voting for a left of centre social democrat party in the SNP but sadly the blinkered folk in England are so angry, discombulated and certain they are always 'right', they simply do not and can not understand this political reality, as the Libdems try to tag the SNP in the same breath as UKIP.

The Behr in the Gruniad makes the same error and if Westminster does not shake itself up and wake up, Scotland will be gone in short time. The message from the sudden rise in the membership of the SNP (75,000+) now bigger in Scotland than the Libdems are across the whole UK, the Greens (now larger that Labour's Scottish region's actual membership) and the SSP suggests this level of ignorance by the Libdems will see their terminal decline in Scotland, accelerate.

If the RMT put their money and membership behind a new centre left party in England, as they are threatening to do, then Labour and the Libdems could have major problems as they will now begin to be squeezed between a proto-social democratic party and UKIP.

There is a lot of bilge being talked about how the Libdems are just going to go on as usual playing Labour off against the Tories in a political gap which has now virtually ceased to exist - this article is a classic example which has no consideration of what actually is.

Here's a thought if the Libdems moved back to the centre left they could clean up but they will not because they are trapped in a world of wreck the state and sell it off to the private sector at knock down prices with massive subsidies. Like Labour are no longer the party of Hardie, McLean and Maxton (if, except in their wet dreams, they ever were) then the Libdems are no longer the party of Beveridge and social reform, as they undo all the good work their historical party put in place in the first half of the 20th Century.

Sadly for Libdem apologists, like Behr, there are still Liberals who, unlike Paddy Ashdown, can remember the party's history and place in creating a real social democracy. Instead of chasing Labour or the Tories as Minime Tories maybe they should look to the SNP, rather than the pathetic attempts to look down on the SNP - a political party now bigger them in all major respects.


  1. It is no surprise our Welsh cousins see what's really happening up here. A cracking read , thank you.

    The GE will see the Labour party in serious trouble . Tory/LibDems/UKIP are very small fish up here. The YES movement see the promises being broken and No voters are realising they were duped. And Labour did the duping

    Labour voters are leaving in droves. Who knows, the SNP may hold the balance of power at WM if they win enough seats in Scotland.

    What a can of worms that would open up.

    Interesting times ahead.

    Again thank you for an excellent article.

  2. Oops forgot to put a ink in sorry


    The union has problems giving power to Scotland, why not Wales and NI.

    I wish them luck.

    England is going one way , the rest opposite direction.