Saturday, 4 October 2014

Cameron Vows to defeat ISIS

Wow - David Cameron!  The hard man! Silvester Stalone's 'Rocky' incarnate, the 'Little Finger' of British politics, the military genius of Lord Cardigan of Crimea, re-born.

I am looking forward to Mr Cameron volunteering to join the Royal Marines or the Para's to see his vow through. I can imagine him mud marching on the mudflats off Lympstone, doing the 28 mile rapid march with full kit in the Brecon's with the Paras, the timed 8 miler with 28 pound pack, full webbing and SA 80 plus platoon weapons over Woodbury common above Lympstone, through Peter's pool, the under water pipe and the rest. 15 minutes as an officer cadet to get out of your manky wet kit, clean, put your combats in the washing machine to ensure they are ready for the next day, clean and oil your personal weapons, into Lovats, to have a full kit and weapon inspection by 'Coulors' then be ripped to shit for a small piece of fluff you missed on the back of your collar, before your platoon forms up on parade. The lads get an extra five minutes, lucky bastards and have instructors to harry and push them, officers are expected to do it with no 'encouragement'.

"You're an F'in officer, sir, you hold the Queen's commission, you have to be perfect - not shiny, not excellent, not being able to spin a good line in bullshit. F'in perfect or how can you expect your men to think you are anything less than F'in useless!"

Cameron will have to shift a few pounds, mind you, and I would willingly play £500 to watch Cameron fall in the slimy green pool while practicing 'regains' on a cold, wet and very rough hemp rope - preferably early on a mid- February morning when the wind comes in from the South East, straight off the snow packed Alps and an ice bound Central Europe.

Of course Cameron neither has neither the spine nor the guts to do any of this, he expects others to die so he can spin how is vow is being made successful, how he is defeating a Sunni, Saudi funded, terrorist organisation which he sent UK Special Forces to help train and arm in the first instance. ISIS was supposed to be about Assad, getting him out of Syria then ISIS was going onto cause instability in Russia's Muslim minority and majority regions. That has worked out well Mr Cameron, has it not?

Instead we have a geo-political nightmare in which Russia can sit on its hands as the actual outcome of ISIS has been unspeakable violence against the people of Syria -  especially their non-Sunni Muslim and Christian minorities turns world opinion against ISIS and their backers. Assad is not moving anywhere very fast, ISIS then had the excuse to turn on Iraq to liberate the oppressed Sunni's because of the political failure of Iran to get the Shi'ite dominated Iraq Parliament to stop looking after its own first and foremost, lining their pockets and generally keeping the Iraq Sunni / Shi'ite civil war on the boil. Suddenly the Iraqi Sunni's discover their liberators are just as bad or even worse as their Shi'ite Government oppressors, bringing, as they do, their extreme and hard line Saudi 'Wahhabist' Sunni line and a penchant for be-headings. The real crisis for the region is the only group, with any intergrity and cohesion, who are actually holding and even pushing ISIS back are the Kurds but neither Turkey nor Iran want the Kurds armed because of the longstanding civil war for a liberated Kurdistan both continue to face. A war both Iran and Turkey can not allow to be re-invigorated by arming the Kurds because of the economic consequences of the Kurds gaining control of around 15% of the local oil and gas reserves. The power shift this would create in the region with Iran, Iraq and Turkey losing territory to a comparatively wealthy new state of Kurdistan will give Russia a number of new headaches in the Caucuses, they can well do with out, and will seek to prevent.

Given what is actually at stake in this torn and war benighted region, just what are the serious deliverable outcomes does Cameron's cowardly lion actually have beyond hot air and the further unnecessary deaths of UK service personnel and civilians in the region?

Russia and the US could lean on their proxies in the Sunni and Shi'ite camps and sort this out fairly quickly but they will not act because Russia does not want peace as that would mean increased Muslim terrorism along its southern borders nor does the US as that would mean the full glare of the world would be focused on Israel and its recent genocide in Gaza which is being happily being shuffled under the carpet with tales of ISIS beheading of Westerners.

Cameron your vow on this, is as empty and vacuous as the vow you and the other two stooges made to Scotland when you thought you were losing.

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  1. When you enter Eton for the first time,you take a vow to tell the truth,the whole truth and most importantly,anything but the truth.
    Thus are Scotland's rulers taught from an early age about the importance of deceit and lies in executing "good" governance.