Tuesday, 23 December 2014

A Big Enough Fig Leaf?

The traditional use for the fig leaf is to cover up stuff you do not wish others to see. The leaves grow pretty large even outside in the SW of Scotland but by bio-mechanical design they can only grow so big before they become inefficient for the plant's use.

For argument's sake let us presume the British Establishment has accessed the biggest fig leaf they can. Further let us presume with the best in the world this British Establishment super fig leaf can not cover up everything they would prefer to keep hidden. Some times when it moves one way it exposes a little of what should not be seen on the other side and vice versa.

The British Establishment fig leaf has been active for the last six or so months hiding the flaws in the current UK Parliament in terms of its constitutional set up as it fought to keep the Union in one piece. To do this they had to hide a lot of important stuff from the people of Scotland. In doing so they partially uncovered the pubic morass of paedophile activity in the Palace of Westminster for those with eyes to see. With the referendum 'won' the British Establishment sought to shift the fig leaf back only to find the portion which had covered the Westminster paedophile ring was now going brown and curling up at the edges. Shock, horror, they were exposed.

As the fig leaf swung that way the British Establishment discovered the porkies they had sold Scotland about oil and gas had come true, but on their watch. The Oil and Gas market volatility had taken a chunk out of Sterling foreign exchange earnings making it harder for Chancellor Osborne to find the billion of pounds a month needed simply to pay back interest to the UK's debtors - let alone the capital sum; so much for deficit reduction as both the trade deficit and the government borrowing deficit grew and grew and grew.

To give the paedophile end some sort of decency they threw a couple of small fry to the courts in the hope this would be seen as doing something to end the story around Palace of Westminster involvement and announced some sort of review. Yet people asked themselves why, when at least one of the accused, John Allen, had been identified as a key abuser at the Bryn Estyn Children's Homes, procurer of young boys for parties at Dolphin Square and abroad, had not been arrested when his role was made clear in the Jillings Report as late as 1995. Yes, that's right folks, the nice MP's and Lords involved in the Dolphin Square paedophile ring took the boys on holidays to places like Amsterdam - what fun, buggered along the Kaisergracht. The safe pair of hands proposed to get the result needed for the Palace of Westminster cover up was outed as being far too chummy with one of the members suspected of being behind the original cover up when in charge of the Home Office - Leon Britain.

Then the British Establishment fig leaf saw another edge turning brown and crumbling as the flaws behind the NHS England 'sell off' became exposed when a sizable number of honourable members who voted for the scheme were seen to be directly benefiting from the sell off and it came to light that 14% of NHS England's budget was now spent simply administering private contracts (sorry - outsourcing efficiencies) with only a measly 8% being spent on the core GP services in England.

The British Establishment fig leaf was now under serious stress and then the fig leaf's defence section suffered serious caterpillar attack when it turned out there was not any fuel to send a frigate from the south coast to investigate a submarine sighting close to the Western Isles nor did the RAF have any maritime reconnaissance plane to check the sighting while the nearest helicopter with anti-submarine dipping capability was at Culdrose in Cornwall -  oh and by the way we are shutting down the last co-ordination centre for this sort of activity in Scotland but we will send more poor bloody infantry to be shot at in Iraq by a new load of religious nutters we helped fund, arm and set up in the first place.

Back over on the paedophile cover up edge of the fig leaf, not only was that part of the leaf curling and going brown on the edges there was now an severe case of 'Wenolongerbelieveyourshite' blight, as members of the plod up and down the UK started explaining to newspapers how investigations in the 80 and 90's had been blocked at a high level and folk started questioning the surprise deaths of a number of young boys as tales of 'snuff' movies starring known political figures gained traction. Not even the tame London media's stand by  'Oh look a scrounging, immigrant squirrel' story was having much effect in taking people's eyes away from the growing horror being revealed nor did the usual 'Nigel Fromage' tale of derring do, for that matter.

Meanwhile the bit covering up the Scottish referendum has now rotted completely away and ordinary Scots can see exactly what was covered up and, not to put too fine a point on it, are 'black affronted an' muckle scunnert an' aa.'  The safe pair of hands sent to bring Scotland back under British rule does not now look that safe as the expected bounce of 'Skeletor's' appointment actually saw support for Labour going the other way and in receipt of a reception, outside of the fawning North British media, similar to Murphy being announced as the new chairman of Rangers FC.

Will the British Establishment fig leaf hold out until May 2015?

Only time will tell but with even 'Scotch' Labour's bestest pals at the Daily Record warning they are going to take a kicking if something does not change and soon, the best I can say is we live in interesting times while I hope the continuing scandal over the Palace of Westminster paedophile cover up exposes all that is rotten with the UK's fig leaf politics, the British Establishment and hastens the end of this failed Union for the good of the electorate in the four constituent nations.


  1. "Will the British Establishment fig leaf hold out until May 2015?", I don't think it will, though the BBC and MSM will do their best to tend to it.

  2. Brilliant - have a great Christmas and New Year. Onwards!